About OwlCat

OwlCat Clothing Co. was started in 2023 after the founder, WaterBoy, made his recovery from having 4 brain surgeries, a spinal cord surgery and his left eye removed.  As soon as he was able he chose to not sit around and feel pity for himself. Instead, he chose to fight back. 

Owls and Cats are both predators who hunt for their survival.  They both have a drive and a hunger that cannot be denied.  Mix the qualities and you get a mythical apex predator.

The concept behind OwlCat is to “Unleash Your Ambition and Embrace The Hunt.”  This concept comes alive when you tear off the shackles that bind you; the excuses, the self-pity, the laziness, the doubt, the fear, the lack of faith and you go out to fully embrace your journey.  

Everything up to this point has been the result of the blocks you built before today.  We stand upon what we have built ready to be seen by our city and beyond.  Ambition and drive are what we use as our fuel even when our bodies feel empty. 

OwlCat isn't for everyone.  It is for the ones who want to see their dreams realized.  It is for the ones who may not have much, and yet, still feel their goals at their fingertips.  OwlCat isn't a symbol of success.   It's a symbol of the journey to get there. 

Celebrate your drive, unleash your ambition and, when stuff gets tough, Embrace The Hunt.